Silya Moda is a company dedicated to quality home, restaurant and office furniture located in Iloilo City, and among the few companies that have started and operated. We provide a variety of home, retaurant and office furniture from seating, sleeping, tables, storage, and sets of wooden, bamboo, wicker or rattan, metal, polypropylene, glass, and concrete furniture. Our rosters of furniture are guaranteed to be elemental in creating an aesthetic, comfortable, and functional home for your family.

We also deliberately focus on its core principle of product quality, customer service, and value for money and innovation, and it is these principles that will enable us to gain the trust of our customers.

Since our inception has started this year – 2017, we will listen, we will care and we will uphold a long standing tradition of not only meeting but exceeding our client’s expectations.

To remain at the forefront of the industry and in step with changes in our marketplace, we will continuously introduce new and top-of-the-line home and office furniture. Because we like to believe that we do things differently in hype – and we believe that innovation paired with passion is quality at its best.

We chose the furniture industry not only to provide an aesthetic addition to a structure, but to provide furniture choices that defines function and ergonomics, dictates flow of movement, balances visual weight, compliments the interior blueprint, and exhibits the homeowner’s personal style. For office space, we aim to provide items strategically constructed to create an environment conducive for work. We believe people drive businesses forward. They need the right tools to do so, including workplaces where everyone can do their best.

Our reason for being in this particular type of industry is what we inculcate from managerial to rank and file level. Our goal is to uphold quality in all aspects of client’s buying cycle, provide exemplary customer service, maintain camaraderie within the team, and provide career opportunity that provides growth and satisfaction.

  • Creating a culture committed to quality. We aspire to creating a winning work culture wherein ‘quality is our utmost priority’ and inspire a passion for excellence among our employees – that in every piece of furniture we showcase, quality control and assurance measures are exercised.
  • Inculcating value in customer service. We aspire to be a furniture company that values customer service next to product quality. By inculcating value in customer service, employees of the company will internalize the philosophy and utilize it in daily encounters with customers.
  • Each member of the Silya Moda team is a steward of the brand. We aspire to maintain camaraderie within the team, and provide career opportunity that provides growth and satisfaction. With this, employees will develop commitment and loyalty to the company.


To be the leading furniture supplier in Iloilo known for outstanding product quality and customer service.


Uphold quality in furniture that we provide, provide exemplary customer service in all aspects of client’s buying cycle, maintain camaraderie within Silya Moda team, and provide career opportunity that provides growth and satisfaction.